French Polishing

Before you can start French Polishing…

  1. Your work needs to be sanded with…
    • No pencil marks
    • No sharp edges
    • No scratches
    • No open gaps in joins

What you need to start French Polishing

  • 2 rags
  • Shellac / Mentholated spirits mixture
  • Gloves
  • Well ventilated area
  • 1 or 2 Newspaper sheets
  • Scrap piece of work
  • Patience

How to French Polish your work

  1. It’s best to do this in a ventilated area (near an open door or outside depending on circumstances)
  2. Put some newspaper down where you plan to work (using some scrap wood to put your work on can help)
  3. Put some shellac mixture on a rag and wrap it
  4. Rub your rag on your work
  5. Keep rubbing
  6. Keep rubbing
  7. Keep rubbing
  8. When your work is finished, it will be smooth and have a sheen which is shiny. You can see how shiny your finish is by holding it up to the light and seeing the clarity of the reflection.