Design Task

Thomas Edison
Don’t know who I am? Look me up and find all the things I have invented/improved

For this task you are to become a designer/inventor and solve a common problem

Select one of the common problems below and create a solution

  • A toaster that never burns toast
  • A way to organize your cables/cords and keep them untangled
  • A new way to charge your phone/iPad when your out on the go
  • A way to stop your ice cream melting on a sunny day
  • A tooth paste tube that you can get all of the tooth paste out of
  • An easy way to wash empty recyclable containers (i.e. peanut butter jar)
  • Design a way to deter pests from your lawn/house/vegetable patch etc. (Select a particular pest. Bird, snake, fly etc.))
  • Design a way to make your house look like it’s occupied when your on holidays (to deter thieves)
  • Design a traffic light that pedestrians actually want to wait for the green man to cross at (to stop road accidents)
  • Design a way to reassure people who are scared of taking elevators or flying in planes
  • Design a new educational toy for toddlers (1-3 y.o)
  • Design a way to keep people waiting in a queue (for example at a bus stop, or restaurant), and not walk off


Create a poster for your product that at a minimum has:

  1. The products name (that catchier the better)
  2. A diagram of the product (noting sizes, materials and any special features)
  3. An outline or drawing(s) of the problem(s) your product solves
  4. A paragraph describing how it solves the problem
  5. A paragraph on why someone would want one
  6. The price

Create the poster in your workbook

For ideas on your poster (structure, language to use etc.) have a look at a few different kickstarter projects

There are also a few videos to help give you some ‘out of the box’ ideas:

An idea for lazy dog owners

An idea to help commuters get/stay fit

A fun way to motivate people to throw their rubbish in the bin, instead of on the ground