Intro to Wood Technology Drawing

Drawing is an important part of designing or building anything.

Drawing gives all the information and delivers a clarity in a way that words just cannot.


In Wood Technology, we do three types of drawing.


Sketches are done by hand, typically without a ruler and are about expressing ideas rather than communicating anything precise.

Example of a Sketch Drawing;



Isometric drawings are a 3 dimensional look of an object.

Technically, when you draw an isometric drawing, the vertical lines you draw are drawn straight up and down (90 degrees), but the horizontal lines are drawn at 30 degrees. This gives the illusion that the drawing is 3 dimensional.

Example Isometric Drawing;

Birdhouse Isometric


How to draw Isometric view from an orthogonal drawing



Orthogonal drawings get used as ‘working drawings’. They are the drawings that are referred to when you are building or producing your product.

Technically, orthogonal drawings are a 2d view of an object. when used as ‘working drawings’ they have sizes attached as well as notes (annotations).

Example Orthogonal Drawing;


How to draw Orthogonal/Orthographic from an isometric view: