The Product Design Process… In Detail

The Product Design Process is required knowledge for this subject. It is used in the SAC’s, SAT’s and in the Exams. The process is as follows:

*It is important to note that the steps do not necessarily have to be in order. You can return to steps or repeat steps if needed at any stage.

Product Design Process

UNIT 3 – The first SAC covers this process in detail.

The Detail – What the VCAA Says

Identify end-user need, problem or opportunity


Design Brief

Outline of the context, constraints and considerations.

A design brief is developed to clarify the project task and to define the personal, local or global design problem to be solved. A design brief will typically identify intended end-user/s, constraints and considerations with reference to product design factors.


Evaluation Criteria

Development of criteria to evaluate how well the finished product satisfies the design brief



Research into factors related to the design brief; materials and process investigations.



Concept sketches and drawings, mock-ups and 3D modelling of whole or part of potential ideas to meet the requirements of the design brief


Design Options (presentation drawings), selection and justification of preferred option

A series of potential solutions evaluated to determine which best suits the requirements of the design brief


Working Drawings

Drawings including technical drawings, showing product specifications (i.e. sizes and construction methods) needed for production planning


Scheduled Production Plan

Sequenced plan and timeline, listing tools, equipment and machines with risk assessment and a material list



Product and production record. Refinements and modifications including pattern drafting may be made throughout production


Evaluation (Product)

Evaluation of product quality using evaluation criteria and end-user feedback. Recommend improvements.


Pg 120 – 125 Textbook