Unit 1 – Product Redesign


Design Folio

  1. Design Brief (including)
    • Outline of Problem/Situation/Market
    • Information about the user
    • Constraints and Considerations
    • Changes to Original Product (at least 3)
  2. Evaluation Questions
    • How will you know your product meets the needs of the user?
  3. Research for Inspiration / Like Page
    • At least 4 images from the internet/magazines that you like
    • Description and comment each image (explain why you chose it)
  4. Concept Map / Brainstorm diagram
    • Write down all the areas you need to know about your design to be able to build it
  5. Visualisations
    • Rough ideas in the form of drawings to create ideas
    • This is where you start putting your own ideas down
    • See here & here
  6. Design Options
    • 1 Design Option to be drawn
    • Need to be in color, to some kind of scale, annotated where appropriate (sizes, materials, joins, main functions etc.)
  7. Working Drawings
    • Technical drawings
      • Orthogonal
  8. Production Plan (pg. 54 red)
    • Time line (GANTT chart)
    • Material list (include prices)
    • Risk Assessment (instructions on page 55 of red book)
  9. Production
    • Hooray!
    • Production Journal (include photos. 1 Page per week)
  10. Evaluation (p. 46 yellow)
    • Product evaluated
    • Your process/performance and the product evaluated
    • Compare your product to the original (page 57 red)
  11. Journal
    • A journal kept of your progress through production



  1. Material Research
    • Research 4 different types of materials you could use. Example here
  2. Material Testing (pg.33 red book)
    • Decide what to test (Resistance to dents, exposure to UV, Exposure to stain/clear coat etc.)
    • Design and create the test
    • Report the results
    • Evaluate your findings
  3. Research into processes
    • Research 4 different ways to join the material you have chosen
      • Think about how you joined your unit, and how you could have done it.
        • Biscuits
        • Nail & Glue
        • etc.
      • What are the pros and cons of these different joins in terms of:
        • Strength
        • Time
        • Look
        • Cost
        • Easy/Hard to do
        • Exact

Theory Modules:

Product Design Factors

Product Design Process


Intellectual Property

Assessing the function of an existing product


Creative & Critical Thinking