Design Option Criteria (1 of 3 Evaluation Criteria)

Yellow book pg. 18, 30, 252,

Red book pg. 24-26

How do you choose what to build?

As designers or entrepreneurs you don’t just build it because you like it or you have a gut feel

You will be spending quite a bit of time, energy and money building your product

It’s important that what you build is the best choice

So how do you decide what to build?

You need to think about the problem that you are trying to solve

Remember writing your design brief, then taking the constraints and considerations from there?

Well those constraints and considerations are your criteria for deciding what to build…


How to start writing your Design Option Criteria

First take your constraints and considerations. Write them out as questions, as if your asking them about a product you will potentially build

Example questions

Pg. 25 red book

Then justify why those questions are in there

And finally..

Describe how you can test or check those Design Option Criteria in your final product

(maybe you measure, compare, observe etc.)


Important to note:

Although this can be a little confusing. These Design Option Criteria are ONLY helping you make the choice of which product (design option) you will build


Look through the resources for more examples, explanations and definitions