Design, Planning and Production Criteria (2 of 3 Evaluation Criteria)

(Yellow book pg. 20, 252*. Red book pg, 25,26)

Measuring your own work is important. It will help you get better as you gain more experience

After writing your Design Option Evaluation Criteria, you need to look forward and decide how you will judge your own efforts after the process is finished

Where to focus?

The Design Planning and Production Criteria is about YOU and what YOU did. Not about your finished product (that’s the 3rd one)

So focus on your planning, design and production work. 

Not what you are creating, but how you are designing planning and creating it.

Where do you start?

Look at the design process and look at the design brief that you have already written…

This is where you will get your questions from

You should be focusing on the constraints first, as they are more important and it will make your job easier later

The Criteria for your Criteria

There are three areas that must be covered:

  • Designing
  • Planning
  • Production

You need to ask at least one question about each in your evaluation criteria

(for sample questions see yellow book page 20-21, and red book page 25)

Then what?

Then you need to justify why you chose those criteria and how you might test, check that it is right


It will help you in this process if you remember that this process is designed for MASS production.

I.e. your building the first one, putting the systems and resources in place to make many and then building at large scale

You can’t be there every step of the way so you need these processes to make sure that the quality etc. is right