You need to draw your product multiple times during the design process

1 Visualisations

These are sketches to help create ideas and explain your thoughts

They do not have to be amazing, but good enough for someone else (the teacher) to understand

2 Design Options

These drawings need to good quality. That means

  • Use a ruler
  • Color (Design Options Only)
  • to approx scale
  • Include total size and important sizes
  • Include important details

The types of drawings used in this section are:

Isometric Drawings

(Example below)

3 Working Drawings

These drawings need to be the best quality. That means

  • Use a ruler
  • To scale (and specify scale)
  • You need to provide measurements and sizes
  • You need to also draw specifications for any details that need explaining
  • You need to provide some notes on any details that need explaining
  • Someone should have an idea of how your product will go together from the drawing alone

Orthogonal Drawing



Isometric Drawing (design options)

Birdhouse Isometric

Orthogonal Drawing (working drawing)