There are 3 parts to the evaluation. There is the journal, the Evaluation Criteria Table (which you will be answering the questions you wrote at the start of the design process) and comparing your product to the original

The Journal

You are required to have at least 5 Journal entries. These are to cover approximately 1 week of production time and include:

  • At least 1 image
  • At least 2 paragraphs about the work you did during that period

In your folios put each entry on a separate page and number them (1,2,3,4 &5)

The Evaluation Criteria Table

This is followed on from pg 26 in your red book. Simply use those headings and then add the new headings onto your table and fill them out. You can also see a template here


Evaluation criteria


How would you check it


Did it pass or fail?

Client/Your Comment

Unit 1 – Product Comparison (with original)

Answer the relevant questions on page 57 of your red book and put it in your folio

Once you have done this go back over and double check what you are missing. Use the Unit 1 guide on this website to help you.