Exam Revision


What’s on the Exam?

Everything you need is located on mrbrowntechnology.com, and your yellow and red books

Assumed Knowledge:

Product Design Factors (pg 14-15 yellow book)

Product Design Process (pg 8, chapter 2 yellow book)

Product analysis

Primary and Secondary Functions (pg. 100 yellow book)


Basic Material Knowledge (familiarise yourself with the materials we use in the workshop)

Safety around Materials

Intellectual Property:

Rights (pg 257-259 yellow book)

Points on different types of intellectual property cover

Design Scenario:

Design brief dissection

Dealing with client

Dissecting constraints and considerations in design brief (pg 13 yellow book)

Design brief evaluation questions (pg 46-48 yellow book, pg 25-26 red book)

Design Option:

Format (pg 29 yellow book)

Production Planning:

Names (pg 34-42 yellow book)

Risk assessment table (pg. 208 red book)


Processes knowledge


Aspects (pg 111-115 yellow book)