Research 1 (for Inspiration)

(Red book pg. 27-. Yellow book pg. 21-25, 253)

Now we can start looking for some inspiration…

2 great places are

  • Magazines (school magazines are located at back of theory room)
  • Internet

A quick tip about researching online

Use more than one search query to find what you are looking for

E.g. take the product you are looking for i.e. bedside table, and put different modifiers in front of it

  • New (bedside table)
  • Classic
  • Large
  • Cheap
  • Expensive
  • Best

Or after it

  • ideas
  • for kids
  • Australia
  • made from x

What you need to do…

While doing this there 1 thing you need to do

  1. You need to save the ones that stand out. We will print these and you will write an annotation (label) on them in your folio discussing what you like and don’t like about it
    • You need at least 4!
    • They go in your folio so make them look organised and presentable