Unit 2 – Collaborative Design

Task and Due Date GANTT Chart

What is on the exam

  1. Design Brief for Unit 2 Collaborative Design
    • List the clients/users of this product
    • List the Constraints & Considerations
  2. Evaluation Questions (product only)
    • How will you know your product meets the needs of the users?
      • Minimum 2 evaluation question and criteria per person
  3. Research for Inspiration / Like Page
    • At least 2 images per person from the internet/magazines that you like
    • Description and comment each image (explain why you chose it)
  4. Concept Map / Brainstorm diagram
    • Write down all the areas you need to know about your design to be able to build it
      • Use product design factors as a guide
        • Each person needs to focus on ONE part of the concept map and flush it out
        • NEW – Each person needs to focus on ONE of the human centred factors (yellow book pg. 103-109)
  5. Research
    • Research 4 different options (per person) you could use from your section of the concept map
    • NEW – Research 3 ways the Human Centred Design factor you chose can/will impact the finished product
  6. Visualisations
    • Rough ideas in the form of drawings to create ideas
      • At least 4 visualisations per person
    • Example – (Although they don’t have to look this professional)
  7. Design Options
    • Minimum 1 Design option per person
    • Need to be in color, annotated where appropriate (sizes, materials, joins, main functions etc.)
    • Need to be in isometric format
  8. NEW Style Research
  9. NEW – Decide on a design
  10. Working Drawings
    • Technical drawings
      • Orthogonal
    • At least 1 orthogonal view of finished product per person
    • Minimum 3 orthogonal views (Top, Front, Right Hand Side) completed per part (i.e. legs, table top, drawer, rails etc.) per person
      • On your drawing of completed part – Note THE MOST IMPORTANT Quality Measure –
  11. Production Plan (pg. 54 red)
    • Each student must do 1 of the following (don’t do the same)
      • Time line (GANTT chart)
      • Material list
      • Price List (ask me for prices)
      • Risk Assessment (instructions on page 55 of red book)
      • Production guide
  12. Production
    • Hooray!
    • Each person must take responsibility for at least 1 part (i.e. legs, top, rails etc.)
      • That means 1 person builds all the legs, another all the rails etc.
    • Production Journal
      • At least 4 individual journal entries (with images) per person
  13. Evaluation (p. 46 yellow)
    • Product evaluated
      • Complete your evaluation you started earlier (point 2)


Theory knowledge

  1. Design Factors
  2. Design Process
  3. Difference between primary and secondary sources of information (336 yellow book)
  4. Investigate the origin and the processing of materials in sustainable design (Video & task)
  5. Analyse the different ways designers communicate within a team (here)