Unit 2 Design Brief

In Unit 2, the PD&T study design from the VCAA requires students to design and create a product collaboratively. The product needs to be designed, produced, and finished before the start of Unit 3 & 4.

To address the collaborative design element of the study design, students will be placed into groups. The group will complete ONE folio. This folio and working drawings will be used by the whole group to create their product, and the production planning documents will be used to divvy up work.

Another requirement is that there is a theme for the pieces. The theme chosen is living/lounge room.

As the group will be designing together, it will also be in the workshop together. To address the collaborative production aspect of the study design, each student will each pick a particular part of the product, and be in charge of that parts quality, consistency and workmanship – from start to finish.

The size of the group will have an impact on the unit’s complexity. If the groups are larger, the product will need to have more pieces, and be more detailed. This will also be conveyed in the marks given.

In addition to the requirements from the VCAA, the school has requirements/restrictions from students. Students cannot create items that are dangerous to themselves or those around them. Hence the maximum size of the product is to be no bigger than 1500mm x 600mm x 600mm.

The school has purchased materials that it wants used in the product and has a budget of $0 for new materials. It also wants products to show at the art & technology showcase event along with any inter-school technology displays.

Thirdly, what is built will be taken home by students. Because it is designed for the living/lounge room space it will be visible not only to the student, but their family and any guests. To work in a living room space, the product must also operate as a functional piece.

It must have the appropriate features so it can function like similar products. I.e. a coffee table should have at least two flat surfaces for holding magazines, TV remotes etc. A TV unit would have space for a DVD player, PlayStation, a place for cables to go in and out of, and some storage space for miscellaneous items. Sizes should also be appropriate


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