Make a Mock Up Design Assignment


  • Explain UX Design
  • Explain the difference between a mock up and a prototype
  • Demonstrate how to work with cardboard and paper to create a mock up

Everything gets designed

  • Your shoes
  • Your blazer
  • Your PlayStation
  • The games on your PlayStation.
  • The controls on your PlayStation
  • The power supply on your PlayStation
  • Even the experience of your home screen on your play station is designed.

Your Task

In this task you are going to explore a technology career by getting ‘inside the head’ of famous designers and the problems they are solving.

This is what you need to do.

    1. Find a problem statement (in the community, the family car, your room etc.)
    2. Build a mock up/prototype to solve that problem
      • Use cardboard, paper and other easy to use materials
    3. Present the mock up and answer questions based around the problem statement and your mock up

Feeling Stuck?

Here are some example problem statements and solutions from famous designers

Tinker Hatfield – Designer of early Jordan basketball shoes at Nike

Problem – Athletes feet are being wrecked because they have their shoes on tight for too long (they need their shoes tight when performing)

Solution – Hyperadapt 1.0 –

Ralph Gilies – Head of Design at Fiat Chrysler

Problem – To design cars that people love and want to create a community around. (Especially the look and the drivers experience)

Solution – 300c, dodge viper etc.

Jonathan Ive – Head of design at Apple

Problem – Make computers intuitive and easy to use

Solution – Apple iPad

Curtis Cruz & Becky O’hara – Baseball bat designers @ Rawlings Sporting Goods

Problem – Provide a better baseball experience for people of all ages and abilities

Solution – Baseball bats

Chris Gray – Roller Coaster Designer

Problem – Create fear in amusement park patrons (in a safe way)

Solution – Roller coasters

Evaluation Criteria / Rubric:

The four areas you will  be marked on:

  • Problem statement identified and encapsulated the problem while being specific, concise, and well worded.
  • Mock-up is excellently constructed, made to a scale, and accurately depicts the proposed finished product.
  • Mock-up excellently addresses the criteria set by the problem statement in a well thought out and purposeful manner.
  • Presentation to class was confident, clear and knowledgeable about the problem, and the thought out solution.