Year 10 Design Scenario Task

Technology is not about just building things, the important part to know is what to build

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Design Scenario Tasks:

To start with, pick one of these tasks and design a solution. The solution doesn’t necessarily have to be practical or be able to be commercialized, but it does need to solve the problem it is intended

  1. Design a way to deter pests from your lawn/house/vegetable patch etc.
    • Select a particular pest (bird, snake, fly etc.)
  2. Design a way to make your house look like it’s occupied when your on holidays (to deter thieves)
  3. Design a traffic light that pedestrians actually want to wait for the green man to cross at (to stop road accidents)
  4. Design a way to reassure people who are scared of taking elevators or flying in planes
  5. Design a new educational toy for toddlers (1-3 y.o)
  6. Design a way to keep people waiting in a queue (for example at a bus stop, or restaurant), and not walk off
Your solution should include:
  1. A name
  2. An outline of who is going to use and buy your solution
  3. Drawings of your solution (please use a pencil and a ruler for these):
    • A front elevation
    • A side/top elevation (whichever is appropriate)
    • Showing it in action
  4. A brief written description of what it does and how it solves the problem

Complete this in your books

For inspiration, you can take a look at these videos:

Below is a unique way to get people to take the stairs instead of the escalator, and hence encourage exercise


Below is a fun way to motivate people to throw their rubbish in the bin, instead of on the ground

Here is an idea to help travellers living out of their suitcases

If you complete one of these in the allocated class time, have a look on