Mosaic Design

Mosaic Design

Before you start tiling your table, there are 3 requirements you need to complete:

1/ Research

Use the internet to look what design you’d like to put on your table

Look out for – what’s possible, what’s not possible, and the different ways you can use the mosaic tiles

It’s also important to research what materials you have. Ask the teacher if you can see some samples of the material you have to work with


Save 10 images and stick them in a word document. Title it ‘Mosaic Table Designs’ and email it me (Mr. Brown)


2/ Sketches and Annotations

Use a page in your design book or a few pieces of printer paper to draw the designs you like. Annotate those designs (write notes next to them stating why you like them, what you like about them)


Sketch at least 10 ideas in your sketchbook that you like and annotate them (label with notes) about what you like or don’t like about them

Mosaic 3

3/ Design Option

The size of the table allows for 17×17 mosaic tiles. Use the handout (conveniently a 17×17 table) and some colour pencils to create the design option for your table


Use colour pencils/textas to create 1 design options on the handout.

Note: It’s probably a good idea to see what colours and styles the school has before you start this step


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