Ukulele Headstock Design

A headstock is the part of the ukulele that houses the tuning heads.

Like guitars, different shaped headstocks are used to differentiate different designers, brands and styles of instrument.


Search google images, bing images or pinterest to find more examples of ukulele headstocks.

Your Task

Your task is to design a headstock for your ukulele.

To do this you need to draw two different headstocks. Use the printed graph paper to do the two tasks


First draw the example headstock that is on this page. Use the measurements on the page to draw it as accurately as possible

second TASK

Second, research and draw your own version of the headstock. You may base it from one you have seen a picture of online.


  • The easiest way to get the measurements right is to find the centre line down the  length of the ukulele neck and mark that in first.
  • The size of the headstock is limited. Your design needs to fit FOUR tuning pegs, and also fit inside the timber allocated. The thickness also cannot be changed as the tuning pegs require a certain thickness of timber.
  • Remember that if you choose a design that is asymmetrical (not symmetrical) then it will matter if you are right or left handed!

Example Working Drawing

Below is the working drawing of Mr. Brown’s ukulele headstock. Here is the original .pdf of the Ukulele Headstock Working Drawing (Existing)

Ukulele Neck Working Drawing (Existing)