Saddle Design

The saddle is the part on the body of the ukulele that holds the strings down.

There are specific constraints that need to be followed by the saddle.

  1. Hold the bridge in place (the plastic)
  2. Securely hold the strings in place

The saddles on ukuleles are different. As long as they do these jobs what they look like is a consideration.

Your Task

Design your own saddle for your ukulele.

You will make it out of a piece that already has the trench taken out for the bridge.

The questions you need to answer with your design are:

  1. How will it securely hold the strings
  2. What will it look like

Use the drawing below to draw the saddle you intend to make in your sketch book or a piece of paper. Use the measurements already given and search the internet for images of saddles that you like.

You can use my ukulele as inspiration if you wish.

Ukulele Bridge Working Drawing