Time to Customise Your Birdhouse

Customised Birdhouses

Your birdhouse is currently looks very similar to everybody else’s birdhouse. It’s time to see what else is out there and what other birdhouses look like

Use your sketch book to complete the following task

  1. Use google (shopping),,, gumtree to find birdhouses that are similar to yours and have similar features. (Please stick to Australian websites for this exercise) (scroll down to see 3 ideas to get you started)
  2. Take a look at the birdhouses. Especially note, how they are different (from yours and the other ones online) and why some are more expensive than others. Also note what the bird houses offer (is it style, colour, features, attracting a particular type of bird etc.)
  3. Now that you know the market for birdhouses a little better, How could you customise yours? Write some notes (even sketching can help)
  4. Design the final look of your birdhouse in your design folio and write a material list of what you need to make it happen (i.e. paint – what colours, string and hooks to hang it with, more plywood – what sizes, any more holes drilled – what size hole etc.)

+++ PLEASE NOTE that the actual size of your birdhouse won’t change (we can’t make it bigger – it would be easier to just start again if we were to do that.) Focus on customising your birdhouse

Task Extension

  1. Write down the benefits of owning your birdhouse? (why would someone want to own your birdhouse. What does it do for them?)
    • In dot point form
  2. What features does your birdhouse have?
    • Features are different from benefits
    • In dot point form

Definition of feature vs benefit

Feature – A feature is a part of a product (or service) and is a factual statement. To think of features, think about the product.

  • What’s it made from
  • What is included/not included
  • The size
  • How was it made
  • etc.

Benefit – A benefit is what it will do for the person(s) who will use the product. The best way to think of benefits is to think “What is in it for me if I own this birdhouse…?”

Reference –


3 Ideas To Get You Started

There is plenty of character with the roof detail and the front cross bracing detail

Again more detail around roofs and the base of the birdhouse

Very detailed work with the saw