Material List

Material List Info

The Material List is like a recipe in cooking or a shopping list for when you go to the supermarket. It contains all the materials you need for construction.

To make it easier to read, here is some more information on the headings

Piece – This is the title or name for the part. In other words what it’s called. The name is important so you can remember where it goes in the scheme of things. For basic work names like ‘front’, ‘back’, and ‘sides’ are sufficiently detailed

Qu. (Quantity) – This is how many of the pieces you require

Length, Width and Thickness – This is the size of the peices

Material – This is what material you require. Plywood is a type of material we will be using for the material list

Material List Tasks

  1. Use the measurements from your drawings to fill in the blank spaces in the material list table. NOTE – MEASUREMENTS ARE IN MM
    • (Either copy the table in your workbook, or make a copy of the google doc and fill in the blank spaces on your iPad)
  2. Use the material list and a ruler to find the pieces you need to construct your birdhouse

(For more information on the material list – Scroll down)

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