Design Project

You are being asked to design a centerpiece for a table.

The size and style of the table is up to you. The occasion the centerpiece will be used for is also up to you.


The materials you will be provided with is 3mm acrylic (different colours) and 3mm plywood (in 300mm x 300mm square sheets)

Task order:

  1. Clarify exactly what is being asked of you (we will do this together)
  2. Research some potential project ideas
    1. Brainstorm Categories
      • Occasion
      • Style
      • Materials
      • Joins/Processes (i.e. bending plastic)
      • Finish
    2. Google the terms:
      • Wooden slot together project
      • Table centerpiece
  3. Sketch some ideas down on paper (Visualisations)
  4. Draw the design you want to build
  5. Produce your design