Hang Time Competition

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What You Need To Do Before You Can Start Building:

  1. Complete the Materials Testing Worksheet
  2. Do some research online about:
    • Other solutions to this problem (i.e. gliders, hand gliders, parachutes, planes)
    • Flight and how to create it in your project
  3. Draw the design of the project you intend to build
    • Include sizes on your drawing
    • Include the material(s) you are using.
  4. Fill in the predictions worksheet


The Constraints/Rules:

(Break these and your entry will be disqualified)

  1. Your entry must be no larger than 500mm³
  2. Your entry must only built from the materials provided
  3. Your entry must include AT LEAST 3 of the materials provided
  4. Your entry must be dropped, not thrown or propelled in any other way
  5. Your entry must land in a 10m2 designated zone
  6. Your entry must be built entirely during class time
  7. The judge’s decision is final and the judge is always correct
  8. The entries will be flown on the due date to be in contention for the prize

Assessment Rubric:

Criteria Very Good Good Satisfactory Below Average Un-satisfactory Not Shown


Visualisations and working drawings
Production of Aircraft


Function of Aircraft  


       Total (20)