Woodwork Room Floor Plan Task

flooor plan


In your folio/workbook you are to draw the floor plan of the woodwork room


The plan should be kept as ‘to scale’ as possible

The woodwork area includes –

The theory room

The woodwork room (including the machine area)

The metal/plastic room

*It will be easier to draw the whole wood technology area as one diagram, then split up the rooms than the other way around

The plan is to include the location of:

  1. First aid boxes (2) (also have a look inside and familiarise yourself with what’s inside)
  2. Fire extinguishers (3)
  3. Shadow board (1)
  4. Safety glasses (1)
  5. Ear muffs (1)
  6. Aprons(2)
  7. Emergency stop buttons (4)
  8. Doorways (2 internal / 5 external)
  9. Work benches (16)
  10. Fire Blankets (1)
  11. Sink (1)

To complete this task you will need:

Your design book or some paper                                              A Ruler

A Pencil (and preferably coloured pencils)                            An Eraser


*Tip – A good way to make the map is to use a legend. This way everything is easily identifiable and doesn’t get too messy

Here is a template you can use to start your floor plan

Woodworking Department