Safety Poster

Design a Safety Poster for the Wood Tech Room

  1. Select 1 idea/theme/aspect of working in the workshop
    • Refer to the safety agreement. Here are some examples:
      • No running or playing in the workshop
      • One student per machine
      • Wear P.P.E
      • Machinery is not to be operated unless you have been shown how to use it
      • No loose ties, jewellery or untied long hair in the workshop
      • Wear an apron when working
      • Make sure you clean up after your finished work
        • Shut all windows
        • Turn all machines off
        • Put tools away
        • Put your work away
        • Label your work
        • Clean and sweep benches and floors
  2. On a new page in your workbook (or piece of paper) write a big headline that stands out
  3. If needed, explain with more detail
  4. Use imagery to convey your message quickly to the person reading it

The finished product goes toward your ‘folio’ score.


Some examples: