Table Tennis Bat

Getting the Shape

Trace an existing blade

Draw own shape. Start by drawing straight line down blade, trace half and then fold the paper over

There are a few examples available to you in class (old table tennis bats and others) which you can take examples from, you can also take them from my drawing

(need to do drawing)

Need basic measurements here

Cutting out your blade

Use the scroll saw or coping saw to cut out your blade

Leave the line on but only just. Take your time here, it will save you time later

Then use a file to get the plywood to the exact shape that you want. We can use the disc sander for some, but it wont be able to do everywhere!

Edge Veneer

Cut a piece of veneer and go around the edge. Use elastic bands to hold it on

Use pre-glued edgetape? (a bit hard?)

The handle

Cut the pieces and use the plane, file and/or sandpaper

There are some basic shapes:

  • Rounding off on the edges
  • Bevel (45 degrees) the edges
  • Small round on the edges

Gluing on Handle

Use nails and cut off the ends to make sure they stay

Sanding / Finishing

You might need to still use the file and sandpaper to get it nice after it has dried

Putting on the rubbers

Here is a video I found on how to put the rubbers on: