Visualisations (Sketches)

Now it’s time to get some ideas down onto paper. But not by writing, by drawing.

Visualisations are thumbnail sized sketches done in grey lead, with no colour (unless that is the idea you are trying to convey). THEY ARE NOT THE FINAL DESIGN.

To help give you prompts for your ideas, I have given you some words that I want you to use as the main idea in your drawings. Explanations of what to do is below.

(These sketches should only take 30 seconds to 1 minute to complete. Remember its only to convey your idea. You will draw your best idea in more detail later.)

Link to Worksheet

  • Substitute
    • Change something that is usually there for something else. I.e. a square hole for a round one
  • Combine
    • Fuse two or more elements of your design together
  • Adapt
    • Make an old design suitable for a new use (i.e. what would it look like if you made your acoustic speaker look like a soft drink can, soccer jersey, etc.)
  • Magnify
    • Make an element(s) of your design larger
  • Minify
    • Make an element(s) of your design smaller
  • Put to another use
    • What else could your acoustic speaker do, any other functions? (Could it hold the charge cord for your phone, store your keys, etc.)
  • Eliminate
    • Take a part of your acoustic speaker away (i.e. the speaker on the front, how else could it make sound
  • Reverse
    • Take an element and reverse it
  • Repeat
    • Take an element and make 2 or more of them (i.e. 2 speakers, 2 places for phones, etc.)