Tool & Material Assignment

Material and Tool Research and Investigation Assignment

You are to complete this assignment using the questions as subheadings and the material and tool chosen as your titles. The finished assignment should be approximately 500 words and is in two parts.

Part #1 – Materials

  1. Pick one material you would like to investigate further, find an image of it (raw state) & briefly describe its appearance (1 mark)
  2. Provide three examples of products your material gets used in (2)
  3. Name 3 tools that people use to work with this material? (2)
    • (i.e. what tools do you need to join it, bend/shape it, finish it, attach items to it etc.)
  4. Where does this material come from? Include… (2)
    • The source of the material (i.e. trees)
    • Where the source material is found (i.e. iron ore mines in WA)
    • Where you would be able to buy it from (i.e. Plumbing stores like Reece and Tradelink)
  5. List 3 Pros and 3 Cons of using this material in a project (3)
    • i.e. Is it durable? is it easy or hard to work with?
  6. Name 1 safety issue regarding this material & give an example of when this may cause an accident (2)

Part #2 – Tools

  1. Pick a tool you would like to investigate further & find an image of it (1 mark)
  2. Briefly state what your tool does (1)
  3. Name 3 brands that make the tool you have chosen (1)
  4. Of the following, which group(s) does your tool belong? (1)
Hand Tool

(i.e. no power or battery connected)


(i.e. power tool with battery or sometimes gas cylinder)


(i.e. a tool that needs to be plugged into the wall to use)

Static Machine

(i.e. a Machine that gets bolted to the ground and doesn’t move)


(i.e. a tool that gets plugged into a compressed air line to work)

  1. Fill out the table below with 3 safety issues concerning your tool? One is provided as an example (3)
Description of Risk Possible Consequences Probability of Risk Severity of Risk Overall Risk Contingency Plan
Sharp spinning exposed blades Loss of finger L M H L M H L M H Place guard over blade to stop fingers getting in
  1. What is the maintenance required on this tool and about how often does it need to be carried out? (1)

The assignment is marked out of 20.

The aim of this assignment is to:

Investigate and select an increasingly sophisticated range of materials, systems, components, tools and equipment to develop design ideas