Candy Dispenser

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You have a finished Candy Dispenser…

Candy Dispensers Finished


jewellery box ASSESSMENT RUBRIC:

Criteria Very High High Satisfactory Not Satisfactory Not Shown
Measurements Correct
Joins (no gaps)
Finish (no dints, scratches, sanding, sharp edges, excess putty)
Presentation (of finished product)
TOTAL (20)



  • Front Piece – Cut to drawing specification (see presentation)
  • Front Piece – Mark and drill nail holes (with 1.5mm bit)
  • Back Piece – Mark and drill nail holes (with 1.5mm bit)
  • Back Piece – Mark and drill spring location hole (with 1.5mm bit all the way through)
  • Back Piece – Drill spring housing hole (with 9mm bit half way through – approx 9mm)
  • Wedge Piece – Use jig to cut angle (keep both pieces)
  • Wedge Piece – Cut one wedge to the width of your side piece
  • Wedge Piece – Cut other wedge piece 35mm long
  • Button Piece – Cut button piece to shape
  • Base Piece – Mark and drill nail holes
  • Put the Front, Back and both Side pieces together using glue and nails 40mm)
  • Wedge Piece (1) – Glue in the wedge piece that is the same size as your side. It sits on the base.
  • Base Piece – Attach the base piece to the Sides of the Candy Dispenser
  • Wedge Piece (2) – glue the 35mm Wedge Piece underneath the space left for the Button Piece
  • Top Piece – Mark the centre of the top piece
  • Top Piece – Use glass jar to determine size of hole and Forstner bit
  • Top Piece – Use pedestal drill to drill hole in centre of top piece with Forstner bit 10mm down
  • Top Piece – Make a mark 11mm from the center of the Top Piece – toward the front of the piece
  • Top Piece – Use 22mm sized Forstner bit to drill through your mark
  • Top Piece – Mark and drill your Top Piece for screw holes
  • Button Piece – Use 1.5mm drill bit to drill location hole in the button piece (for spring housing) – You will need to place the button in position and clamp it with a quick action clamp to do this
  • Button Piece – Take out the button piece and use a 9mm drill bit to drill a 9mm deep hole using the pedestal drill and a machine vice
  • Spring – Insert spring and test if mechanism works – make adjustments if necesary
  • Button Piece – Put top piece in place and draw the hole made by the 22mm Forstner bit. Mark the center (you can use a 22mm Forstner bit to do this if available)
  • Button Piece – Take out the button piece and use the pedestal drill and the machine vice to drill the 22mm Forstner hole
  • Top Piece – Screw in top piece using 4 pre-made holes (make sure you leave the screw heads flush with the top – so they look neat as they will be seen
  • Glass Jar – Test your glass jar. Sometimes it will require some plastic from the seal to help the thread work


  • Use the nail punch to punch in the nails to leave room for putty
  • Use the Pine coloured putty to fill in any holes or gaps left in your dispenser
  • Sand your dispenser so it is smooth and there are:
    • NO Scratches
    • NO Dents
    • NO Sharp edges
    • NO Pencil marks
  • You can finish your Candy Dispenser with shellac if you wish